Author: Theresa St. John


Theresa St. John is a travel writer and photographer based in Saratoga Springs, New York. Her work has appeared in many on-line and print magazines. Some of those include Great Escape Publishing, International Living, Discover Saratoga, Saratoga Mama, Farming, Vacation Rental Travels Magazine and Travel Thru History, to name just a few.In March she will travel to Paris, in honor of her Mom, who'd always wished to go, but never had the chance to.Later, in August of 2016, she will travel to England on assignment, with many other travel plans in the works. She is proud mom to two wonderful sons, enjoys a great daughter-in-law, has the unconditional love of six rescued grand-dogs, two Chinchillas and a bird. ' Life is good ' says St.John, ' and it's just going to get better

Window Box at Night Hatties(c) Restaurant

Hatties™ Chicken Shack – Finger-Lickin’-Good Southern Charm

“There’s just something about crispy fried chicken – when I’m busy munchin’ and crunchin’ on a piece of it, every

The Sagamore Resort Architecture

The Sagamore Resort on Lake George

The Sagemore Resort is right out of a Bygone Era. It quickly attracted the elite in society, becoming the coveted get-away for wealthy patrons.

New Orleans St. Louis Cemetery 1 - The Forgotten Ones

New Orleans St. Louis Cemetery 1 – The Forgotten Ones

“Write about what should not be forgotten.” Isabel Allende I adore cemeteries, just ask anyone who knows me. They’ll shake

Brunch Memories Victorian Street Walk Saratoga

Victorian Street Walk ~ Sharing Christmas Memories with Mrs. Santa Claus

The annual Victorian Street Walk comes to life here, in the upstate town of Saratoga Springs, New York. Now celebrating

Edith Cleaves Barry Memorabilia

Edith Cleaves Barry – A Woman with Artistic Style and Vision

Edith Cleaves Barry We would have been friends, I just know it. Edith Cleaves Barry, founder of The Brick Store

Soldier's Camp National WWII Museum

The National WWII Museum – New Orleans #1 Attraction

I’m one, in nearly two million visitors, who has traveled through The National WWII Museum, located in New Orleans. I can

Bar at Old 77 Hotel and Chandlery - Chic Boutique Hotel in New Orleans

Chic Boutique Hotel in New Orleans – Old 77 Hotel and Chandlery

From Humble Beginnings as a Warehouse, to Chic Boutique Hotel Location, location, I love the location. I’m staying overnight at the

Remembrance Wall - Memorial de la Shoah

Crying Out to the World, a Collective Voice – Remember the Holocaust

76,000 names. 11,000 of them children. On this wall. My eyes scan the length of remembrance, at the Memorial de

Cake on table - Schuyler Mansion The Pastures

The Pastures – Schuyler Mansion

A Regal Home That Echoes a Distant Past If you were family, you knew it as ‘ The Pastures.’ Completed

Pere Lachaise Cemetery

Pere Lachaise Cemetery – Trying to Find Jim Morrison

I’ve been known to spend hours wandering through old, historic cemeteries. No matter where I travel, I find myself searching