Pride of America Review, Hawaiian Cruise Day Six

Continued from Hawaiian Cruise Day Five – Kona

Within moments of stepping foot on Kauai we were reminded why it is our favorite island. There’s just something about it that calls to us, a dream like magic invades every cell and you never want to leave.

Kauai View
Hawaiian Monk Sea

I am lucky to have a dear friend who lives on the island, and she picked me up and whisked me away for a day of fun in Waimeia, where we listened to one of her friends play music at Kalapaki Joes in Waimeia Kaui Hawaii.

Kalapaki Joes

My friend surprised me with a stay in a three bedroom Hawaiian style cottage overlooking the ocean. Beautiful! And the stars at night, wow!

Waimea Plantation Cottages View
Waimea Plantation Cottage

Jed and Milo walked off the boat to the beach in front of the Marriott where Milo happily played in the water for hours!

Milo at Kauai Marriott Beach

Back on the ship they went and saw Charles Bach the magician on board perform. What a great magician, and such a nice guy! He inspired Milo to take up magic. He’s entertaining, very talented and just an overall good showman. You can find out more about this very talented guy at

Charles Bach and Milo on Hawaiian Cruise

Later that night Jed and Milo saw Chris Alpine, the comedian. Jed said Milo couldn’t stop laughing! Chris Alpine’s performance that night was the all-ages early show, which is followed every evening by a later adults only show. You can view his web site at

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