Compete for 120,000 SAS EuroBonus Extra Points

To enter this competition you need to be an SAS EuroBonus member. If you are not already a member it is easy to join.

SAS EuroBonus Competition
SAS EuroBonus Competition

Once you are a member of SAS EuroBonus you can compete by answering a couple of questions and writing about why you want to travel with SAS. The last day to compete is 31 December 2014.

Before going to the contest page might want to think about your answer to the question regarding why you prefer to travel with SAS. You have 50 words or less to answer this question and this part of the contest is being judged for creativity.

Competition Rules
Join SAS EuroBonus and compete by December 31, 2014. The winner will be notified by January 31, 2015. The 120,000 EuroBonus Extra points will be on the winner’s EuroBonus account no later than February 10, 2015. To compete you need to be a member of SAS EuroBonus and at least 18 years at the time of the competition, correctly answered the questions and formulated the most ingenious justification as to why you prefer to fly with SAS.

When I clicked on the contest page I got a pop-up menu asking me to choose a language. Once I did that I was taken to the SAS web site and it took a while for me to find the contest page again. Click on the EuroBonus tab at the top of the page. Then click, Offers and News, and EuroBonus Competition to get back to the entry page.

So, what can you do with 120,000 EuroBonus points if you are the lucky winner? You can use them for flights, hotels and a variety of other things. The chart below shows the points needed for flights. The chard is valid through December 2014. I am not aware of any proposed changes for 2015, but with so many changes in awards programs, I cannot guarantee that there will not be new chart for 2015.

SAS EuroBonus Award Chart
SAS EuroBonus Award Chart

Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. (Connecting flights within Nordic+ to all zones are included in the price)

EU1 Austria, Belgium, Czech republic, France (Paris & Lyon), Hungary, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Romania, Russia, Switzerland, Ukraine and United Kingdom

EU2 Croatia, France (Marseille & Nice), Georgia, Greece, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Kosovo, Malta, Portugal, Spain and Turkey

USA Chicago, Houston, New York, Washington and San Francisco

Asia Beijing, Shanghai and Tokyo

Child discount: Children under 12 years of age get 50% discount on the point price.

One-way awards: Point prices are for round-trip flights. One-way flights cost 60% of the round-trip point price.

Taxes & fees: Carrier imposed fuel surcharges are included in the point price. Airport and government imposed taxes and fees are not included in the point price and are the responsibility of the member. Taxes and fees will vary based on itinerary and will be calculated at the time of award booking.

One of the positives about the SAS EuroBonus award chart is the low cash outlay for taxes and fees.

I signed up for a EuroBonus account as part of this process. In my welcoming email I was given an opportunity to watch seven short videos introducing the EuroBonus program and receive bonus points for each one that I watched. It only took about ten minutes to collect all of the points. SAS is a member of Star Alliance giving you other choices of where to spend those points.

Kathy Stafford
Kathy Stafford

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