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Paint Dat – Channel Your Inner Degas

Boating on City Park Stream New Orleans

Our easels stood along the walking paths, overlooking one of the streams that flowed through the 1,300-acre park. Spanish moss dangled overhead from the ancient live oak trees. The splash of an incoming pelican echoed under the stone bridge. The…

Encounters with Manatees in Crystal River, Florida

Manatee Swim 2
As the sun comes up over the Bay, a dolphin emerges from the water a few yards from our boat. I am told dolphins and manatees ignore each other, creating a harmonious environment for both to live. I get in the cold water after the boat captain spots some manatee swimming a few yards away from us. The water is not deep and the current is mild. Within a few minutes of being submerged in the water, a full-grown manatee swam directly underneath me. I was able to get a good look at the massive being.