The Stunning Yeatman Hotel – Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal

Center of Yeatman Hotel in Vila Nova de Guai

My family was lucky enough to visit the Yeatman Hotel while we were visiting the Porto area of Portugal. We made our way to the hotel after arriving by train at the historic São Bento Station in Porto.
Famous São Bento Railway Station in Porto

The hotel, perched overlooking the Douro River, is located in Vila Nova de Gaia, across the river from the Praça da Ribeira in Porto.

Praça da Ribeira in Porto

Ribeira – Along the Douro River Bank

The Ribeira is a popular area of narrow cobbled streets lined with restaurants and shops that tower over the river in a smattering of colorful history and life. Take a moment to look up and you’ll most likely spot an old woman watching the world go by from her balcony as the freshly cleaned laundry blows beneath her.
Ribeira District of Porto on the Douro River

Street performers are plentiful and we saw a myriad of different types. Musicians, acrobatic groups and our favorite, a man making huge bubbles. We stood, entranced as he sent gigantic bubbles into the air, where they floated in long tubes reflecting the colors of the sunset and drawing out the laughter of children.

Porto, or as they say in Portugal Oporto, is truly a delight to the senses and makes for a stunning view from your room at the Yeatman Hotel.
View of Porto from Yeatman Hotel in Vila Nova de Gaia

The Yeatman Hotel

I fell in love with Porto the moment we met and the Yeatman made for an excellent spot from which to explore.
Front of Yeatman Hotel in Vila Nova de Gaia Portugal

The Yeatman Hotel is a five star wine spa boutique hotel that has won numerous prestigious accolades and is widely considered the best hotel in the Porto area. Their service includes a program of tastings, seminars and wine dinners. Their cellars are home to one of the most comprehensive collections of Portuguese wines. The hotel is named after the owners.
Looking up at Yeatman Hotel from back lawn

The Yeatman family started as merchants of a Port firm back in 1838. And the descendants are the current owners of three of the most famous Port companies.
Taylor's Port Wine Cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia

Taylor’s Port Wine

Frank Yeatman was a partner with Taylor’s Port Wine, which is located next to the hotel and makes for a lovely outing. We did the self-guided tour and then tried a few of their ports in their bright and cheery tasting room.
Taylor's Port Barrels - Vila Nova de Gaia Portugal

Taylor's Port Cellar Self Guided Tour Area

Pink rose on the grounds of Taylor's Port Wine Cellars- Vila Nova de Gaia

Taylor's Port Tasting Room - Vila Nove de Gaia

Tasting Port at Taylor's Port Wine - Portugal

The Spa

The spa at Yeatman Hotel is called Caudalie Vinotherapie Spa. They offer facial and body treatments using products sourced from the grape, which is not just a fun way of including the spa in the wine theme. Grapes are actually renowned for their powerful antioxidants.
Spa Staircase at Yeatman Hotel

We enjoyed the sauna and relaxation room, but for us the piece de resistance was the two panoramic infinity pools.
Indoor Pool at Yeatman Hotel - Portugal

Both boast the same amazing view of Porto, but one is located indoors surrounded by floor to ceiling glass, while the other is outdoors.
Infinity Pool at Yeatman Hotel Overlooking Porto

Also, the do have a fully equipped gym. I have to admit with everything to see and do, I didn’t take the time to work out!

The Rooms at Yeatman Hotel

Continuing with the wine theme, the rooms are named after various wine regions and quintas. Ours was named after the Quinta de Sant’Ana Mafra, a historic family run wine estate.
Room Sign at Yeatman Hotel Portugal

It was bright and cheerful while maintaining a classic look and feel.
Our room at Yeatman Hotel in Vila Nova de Gaia

The bathroom had a sliding window along the side of the tub that could be opened to make it even more spacious.
Bathroom at Yeatman Hotel in Vila Nova de Gaia

Robes - Yeatman Hotel Porto Area Portugal

But really, the room was a very nice size, especially by European standards!
Furniture in room at Yeatman Hotel Vila Nova de Gaia

The room opened up onto a very large patio overlooking Porto, and, from our particular room, the pool.
Deck overlooking Duoro River at Yeatman Hotel

Dining at Yeatman

We had heard amazing things about The Yeatman’s Restaurant, the only Michelin star restaurant in Porto. Their chef is Ricardo Costa, and they offer contemporary Portugal cuisine.
Outdoor Breakfast Seating at Yeatman Hotel

Indulging in their breakfast buffet is a great way to start your day.
Breakfast Buffet at Yeatman Hotel

Baked Goods at Breakfast Buffet - Yeatman Hotel Porto

More Baked Goods at Yeatman Hotel Breakfast Buffet

Also on offer is a daily tasting menu for dinner. We had reservations to have dinner. However, at the last minute were unable to go due to an emergency back home.
Yeatman Hotel Restaurant - Vila Nova de Gaia

We were very disappointed to miss out, but plan on going on our next visit to Porto, so stay tuned!

Happy Travels!


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