When Will Cruise Travel Resume?

CDC Extends 100 Days No Sail Order

Currently July 22nd, 2020 is the best estimate for when cruising can resume in the United States.

What is the CDC’s current advice on cruise ship travel?

The CDC has recommended 100 days from April 12th before cruising should start again in US ports. April 12th is the current estimate for when the 100 day clock will start. The actual start date will be determined from when their newest ‘No Sail Order’ is officially published in the Federal Register.

What is the CDC No Sail Order?

The CDC No Sail Order prevents cruise ships from disembarking passengers or crew at ports that reside within the control of the United States. This also prevents embarking, or re-embarking of any crew. As well as a set of strict health directives that all cruise lines must follow.

Could cruising start earlier?

Technically yes, the 100 day No Sail Order will stay in effect until either 100 days have passed with no further extension. It may also resume earlier if the CDC Director removes or modifies the existing order. As well, if the Covid-19 pandemic is no longer considered a health risk.

We are maintaining a current list of projected start dates as issued by each cruise line. Current Cruise Line Suspensions and Their Project Resume Dates

Are there still cruise ships at sea with Covid-19?

Yes, currently there are still known to be over 100 ships at sea near the United States. This represents approximately 80,000 crew at present. The CDC reports 20 ships near US ports that currently have known or suspected cases of Covid-19.

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We have covered this topic on our YouTube channel for you as well and will keep our channel up to date with the latest related news.


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