Wanderlust and Culture with Theresa St John

Sleeping Giant Orchid2

Theresa St John joins MilesGeek as a featured columnist with her new column, Wanderlust and Culture. Theresa is a freelance travel writer and photographer based in Saratoga Springs,New York. Since the outset of her writing and photography career in April, 2013, Theresa has had 84 stories and photo essays accepted for publication.

Theresa loves that her stories cover both local and international travel. She has been able to visit diverse destinations, both at the beach and in the mountains, here in the US and overseas. She shared one of those experiences with her first article for MilesGeek, Garden of the Sleeping Giant – Fiji’s Majestic Showcase of Orchids .

Theresa St John in The Louvre
Theresa in The Louvre

Although Theresa was never really interested in world or military history during her school years, she is a voracious student of both now, which enriches her travel experiences. She also loves family travel and spends free time hiking in The Adirondacks or wandering through yet another museum.

Theresa’s articles have appeared in Travel Thru History Magazine, Farming Magazine, Discover Saratoga.com, Vacation Rental Travels Magazine, as well as Great Escape and International Living. She has also published in Historical Gardens Magazine (UK), Saratoga Springs Life Magazine, Costa Rica Travel Girl’s Guide and Babyboomster.com.

Theresa St John is a regular contributor to Saratoga Mama Magazine. She maintains a social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, has a heavy photography presence on-line and is currently working on her blog ‘just2feetandacamera.net’.

Theresa’s passion for travel took off when, weeks before passing, her mother expressed a deep regret in never having made it to Paris with her father, the love of her life. Although very close to her mom, Theresa never had an inkling that Paris was on her mother’s radar and this deeply affected her. She promised her mom that she would travel, living her life in many different places, chronicling these trips in both word and photo essays.

This March, Theresa will be on assignment in the City Of Lights, walking through the streets of Paris, enjoying the sights on what would have been her mom’s birthday. She likes to think she’ll catch sight of her parents, holding hands and hugging in the rain there.


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