UK Votes to Exit the EU and PM Resigns

Flag of the United Kingdom

Flag of the United Kingdom

In an unprecedented, though not unexpected vote the UK has become the first country to ever leave the EU (European Union). The initial reaction of the markets has seen the British Pound fall to low levels overnight so get your currency exchange done before the market stabilizes. =)

In addition to the Brexit vote, David Cameron the British PM has announced due to the voting results he will be stepping down.  Cameron was strongly apposed to leaving the EU and believe’s someone else should be in power to handle the transition that is a supporter of the plan.

Besides the obvious shock value of the decision a lot of particulars remain to be worked out. For travelers the biggest item will be seeing what new passport and visa rules are put in place. Currently the UK and EU members enjoy free travel and reciprocal national health care benefits across countries. There are also a lot of expats on both sides of the fence retired or whom has property holdings under the current treaty which may be effected.


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