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Created specifically for those who love travel and adventure to share photos of their travels plus provide tips and reviews from the places they explore.

The site can be accessed from your computer or mobile devices. When accessed from your smartphone you can check for hidden gems close to you which will appear on your smartphone map. Or you can check for Nearby Discoveries to see what photos and comments others have posted about things of interest in your location.

I have experimented with posting some photos from my computer. Naming the location of your photo seems a bit cumbersome. As you type in the location possible matches of locations already on the site pop up and it is easy to click on one of those and then add the description of the photo. However, I found that if you wanted to get specific and list your own location description it was less user friendly. You must locate your new location on a map and the process was time consuming.

When I searched for existing photos by location it was very easy to find photos and as you hover over each photo the distance from the chosen location is displayed.

I have not yet tried the mobile app.

About Trover describes some of the things you can do with this application.

Go on an Instant Adventure
• Immerse yourself in photo discoveries streaming from explorers around the world
• Jump to any location on Earth and browse photos of food, culture and fun activities unique to the area
What’s Hot and Featured Lists showcase the most popular images and themes

Create Visual Lists
• Build practical lists of things you’d like to see someday, from new restaurants and local hikes to inspirations for your next big adventure
• Create fun lists to share your interests and passions — from swimming holes to golf courses to street art

Share Your Own Photo Discoveries
• Post a photo to instantly share something interesting, and where to find it
• Add a quick description give viewers an inside scoop or review
• Publish and share with thousands of photographers, travelers and adventurers

Download Free Mobile App for Full-Time Exploration

Built for on-the-go discovery, the Trover mobile app has additional community and discovery abilities. Get the free iPhone, iPad to enhance your travel experience.

Trover for Android is to be released soon.

On-the-go Discovery Access — MOBILE ONLY

• Hidden gem locations are shown on your smartphone map, so you’ll be able to navigate to them
• As you travel through your day, check Nearby Discoveries to instantly see the coolest stuff just around the corner
• Follow great travelers to share their adventures

Go to and click on Login to create your account.

Kathy Stafford
Kathy Stafford

Kathy Stafford is a writer, publisher and editor. She was a contributing author to "Sasha Cohen Fire on Ice". She has been a contributing editor to several publications including, "Discover Balboa Park: A Complete Guide". Kathy was publisher and editor of "Skating Sketches", reporting on figure skating worldwide, for over ten years. She was a credentialed journalist as a figure skating specialist for the 2002 Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City. She has covered international skating events in Switzerland, France, Finland, England, Canada and the United States with published articles in Canada, Japan, and the United States. Although she never accepted an assignment, she was on the list of approved Lonely Planet authors for three years. She is currently combining her love of travel, and her background as a writer and editor, as a publisher and author of travel related journalism. In addition, she blogs about her search for her family roots at

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