Travel Chat Episode 1 – Introduction and Moving to Portugal


  •    Who we are and how we started

Topics we plan to cover in future podcasts

  •    Trip reports
  •    Travel tips
  •    News
  •    Disney
  •    Cruising
  •    Reader questions

What is it like moving to Portugal?

  •    How we found a place to live
  •    Cost of living
  •    Health Insurance
  •    Residency Paperwork
  •    Caba da Roca
  •    Driving

How to reach us

   [email protected]

Jed Stafford
Jed Stafford

Started dreaming of travel after a high school field trip through Europe. Has been lucky enough to explore the world with his family.

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  1. I wish that was true about the police turning a blind eye LOL cops here are famous as “caça multas” ticket hunters LOL
    And don´t forget roads have lots of cameras so you get away in the moment and them a month later you get a ticket in the mail with a photo attached.

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