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It’s time to think about what to pack for that upcoming trip. A list of packing mantras runs through my head. Stay lean and mean. Remember, you have to carry what you pack. Pack for comfort. There is nothing more miserable than sore feet or aching shoulders from not packing the right gear. Here are three products worth backing that I found worthy of taking up real estate in my luggage on my last cruise. Actually, one of them sort of is luggage.

Lily Trotters Compression Stockings – Beautiful + Badass

I have never had problems with my legs or feet, but as an avid walker, hiker and traveler, I believe prevention is the best medicine. If my gams go, so goes my traveling lifestyle. Long walks through airports and long sits on planes can be enough to stress and confuse our legs and circulatory systems. And that is all before we actually get to our destination.

My only experience with compression stockings was during a lengthy hospital stay many years ago. They weren’t exactly a fashion statement, so not wanting to be seen in them meant they weren’t worn as much as they should have been.

Lily Trotters Compression Stockings

The first time I put on Lily Trotters, I kept them on for over twelve hours. At the end of the day, I didn’t feel tired. I wore them recently along the walking paths of hip and trendy South Beach in Miami, before boarding a cruise ship.

They were cute with a skirt or shorts, and I received many smiles from passerby, staring at my legs, assumedly wondering where they could get a pair, not realizing there were health benefits built in to all of this cuteness. They also took 10,000 steps through the streets of Nassau, Bahamas. Everything is better in the Bahamas.

Prior to trying Lily Trotters, I never would have paid $49 for a pair of socks. Then, I realized I was making the wrong comparison. I should be comparing the price to the cost of a massage or the cost of caring for an injury. Compare it to the cost of missing a tour or excursion because you can’t handle the walking, and they become priceless! I traveled with two pair, one to wear and one to wash out and hang to dry every other day.

Motorola Solutions Talkabout T605 H2O Two Way Radios

I hate purchasing a cell phone plan to travel out of the country for a short period of time. There are also still places within U.S. borders where cell service is weak or unavailable.

I don’t really need to communicate with too many people while traveling, but there are times, even when we are traveling together, that my husband and I aren’t together. On a cruise, he might be in the casino while I am at a yoga class. He might go to the bar and need to radio back to my lounge chair to get my drink request. We could find ourselves on the opposite ends of a 50 person snorkeling excursion, and want to communicate.

Motorola Solutions Talkabout T605 H2O Two Way Radios
Photo provided by Motorola

Walkie talkie communication isn’t new, but we all sort of forgot about them when cell phones arrived on the scene. On places like cruise ships, hiking trails, ski slopes, or caravanning on the highway, they are still convenient and helpful. On a more serious note, they can be a life saving device. I hope I never have to use the emergency alert button. However, it is comforting to know my Talkabout has one.

With a maximum range of up to 35 miles, an open water range of about 6 miles and a neighborhood range of up to 2 miles, 22 channels, 121 privacy codes, a NOAA Weather Radio, a water activated flashlight and the ability to be submerged in water for up to 30 minutes, vacationing with Motorola Solutions Talkabout is the way to go.

Beckmann Backpack

A backpack is a terrific hands free way to travel through airports. Finding one that works through the airport and also works once you get to your destination is key. There was a day when I could throw anything on my back and it was fine. But, age has a way of making us more aware of aches and pains and their source. Traveling with just carry on luggage means I am cramming more into that personal item, which used to be a purse and is now a backpack.

Beckmann College 34L Backpack Three Products Worth Packing

I never thought about the engineering and design of a backpack. But the Beckmann College 34L has many features that make it a great travel accessory. The large cushioned compartment made it easy to store my laptop and iPad, protecting them from other items in the pack as well as keeping my electronics safe, should my pack get dropped or flung.

The inside zipper pocket is perfect for a wallet and passport. I divided the four outside pockets for toiletries, cables and cords, reading and writing materials and a fourth for miscellaneous items.

The sturdy loop on top kept my pack off the floor in the ladies room. The connector strap between the shoulder straps was my favorite feature.  By shifting the weight of the pack I was able to adjust the stress level on different parts of my back and shoulders.

After a week long trip of basically living out of this pack, I was quite impressed with how the fabric held up. The navy color hides dirt well, and the fabric is still firm and sturdy, looking like new. This bag had some awesome adventures. Because it was such a good travel buddy, it will have some more in the future.

Disclaimer- Samples of all three of these products were provided to the writer for review. The opinions of these products are strictly the views of the author and have not been influenced by any other party.

Victoria Hart
Victoria Hart

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