The Eating House 1849 – Poipu Kauai

The Eating House 1849 has a casual ambience that gives homage to Hawaii’s past. The dining room is designed to give the feel of a large lanai in an old plantation house.

Eating House 1849 Dining Room

If you reserve your table to be seated 30 minutes before sunset and request the table against the rear wall and open window, you will be able to view the sun setting over a sliver of ocean in the distance.

View of Ocean Eating House

Eating House 1849 is the latest Kauai restaurant of chef and restaurateur Roy Yamaguchi. The menu reflects the products of local farmers, ranchers and fishermen and combines them with a touch of modern preparation.

Eating House 1849 Menu

Once seated, your server will bring your menu and a complimentary dish of Edamame. I detected a little something extra to the standard steamed edamame preparation, which I attributed to a slight drizzle of sesame oil, although I did not confirm this with the server.

Edamame Eating House

There are a wide variety dishes on the menu that includes tapas, salads, noodles and rice dishes, beef and fish plus Tavern Style Fried Chicken. The islands and their food are a blend of many cultures that have come together over centuries of migration to Hawaii. That mix of cultures is represented in dishes like the Portuguese influenced Cataplana and Malasadas, Japanese inspired Ramen Bowl, and Filipino Lumpia.

I had a difficult time choosing between the Steamed Clam Cataplana and the Sizzling Hawaii Ranchers’ Ribeye Tataki. At the server’s recommendation I chose the Tataki.

Sizzling Hawaii Ranchers' Ribeye Tataki

It arrived sizzling and packed with flavor. The onions, cherry tomatoes and shitake mushrooms are all grown locally. The sauce was a tangy combination of tastes that included citrus, soy and sake.

For dessert I had Malasadas, small circles of yeast dough, deep fried and dipped in sugar. Malasadas are one of the foods brought by Portuguese in the 19th century that have become a part of Hawaiian culture. At Eating House they are served with Koloa Rum Sauce.

Malasadas - Eating House 1849

The Eating House is a large restaurant and food is prepared to order. Come prepared to relax, soak in the atmosphere and savor the food. The size means that the restaurant can be a little noisy. The experience is more like being at a large party in an old plantation house than an intimate dinner. Remember it is called the Eating House and that describes the environment. Eating there is an excellent way to experience the old and new tastes and the culture of the Hawaiian Islands.

Eating House 1849 is located in the Shops at Kukui’ula near Koloa Town on the south side of Kauai. They are open every night for dinner from 5:00 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.

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