Spoonik – A Magical Dining Experience in Barcelona, Spain

We had the pleasure of dining at Spoonik while in Barcelona, Spain. Spoonik is not your typical dining experience. It is an evening for the senses, and one that will not soon be forgotten. After being told to be there at 9:30 sharp, we arrived by taxi from the Hotel Barcelona to find a line forming outside the restaurant. They have two seatings a night. Hence, the importance of punctuality.

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When they opened the doors they invited each group in by handing us a bite size watermelon cube on a stick and a glass of Cava. We were definitely off to a great start!

Appetizer Spoonik Restaurant Barcelona
Appetizer Spoonik Restaurant Barcelona

The menu, called the big festival, was comprised of multiple tasting courses – too many to count! We started in the kitchen where we met the kitchen staff and were served amuse bouche that were as absolutely delightful as they are hard to explain!

Artisity in Presentation - Spoonik Barcelona
Artisity in Presentation – Spoonik Barcelona

We were then guided back into the dining room where we were seated at tables with other diners. Though some people prefer to dine on their own, this communal setting really added to the festive atmosphere of the evening and we ended up meeting some great people. Be sure to come hungry as the tasting menu comprises something like 15 courses!

Minimalist approach Spoonik Barcelona
Minimalist approach Spoonik Barcelona
Unusual yet delicious - Spoonik Barcelona
Unusual yet delicious – Spoonik Barcelona
Dessert Plate - Spoonik Barcelona
Dessert Plate – Spoonik Barcelona
Wine Service Spoonik Barcelona
Wine Service Spoonik Barcelona

The wine pairings are extra, but if you are a wine lover they are well worth it. When experiencing a meal like this, one might as well do it up right!

Spoonik in Barcelona teases all of your senses - not just taste
Spoonik in Barcelona teases all of your senses – not just taste

Chefs Jon Giraldo from Mexico and Jaime Lieberman from Columbia are the magic behind the menu. Both have worked in Michelin star restaurant kitchens. At Spoonik they serve a fusion of contemporary South American and Spain cuisine.

The culinary adventure of Spoonik started in their own home, in which they invited guests to come and partake in a meal; not just for taste (and yes the taste of the food was amazing) but for all of the senses.

The two masterfully connect the experience of taste with music and visual enhancements that one needs to experience to fully understand.

Magical Ambience Spoonik Barcelona
Magical Ambience Spoonik Barcelona

For example, at one point during our meal the image of a butterfly went floating across my plate.

Is it raining? Spoonik Barcelona
Is it raining? Spoonik Barcelona

And at yet another moment, the sound of rain filled the atmosphere and what appeared to be raindrops fell onto the table and rippled outward. I found the experience to be quite dazzling.

White on White - Spoonik Barcelona
White on White – Spoonik Barcelona

Spoonik is taking the art of dining into a surreal realm that moves beyond whimsy and into something quite magical.

When it’s over and you’re back out in the real world…well, it’s akin to the feeling I get when leaving Disneyland! If you are lucky enough to find yourself in Barcelona, Spain, I highly recommend dining at Spoonik!

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Hollin Stafford
Hollin Stafford

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