NCL – Pride of America, Hawaiian Cruise Day Seven & Departure Morning

Continued from Norwegian Cruise Day Six

On the last day of our Norwegian cruise we were invited to tour the kitchens and jumped on the opportunity. We were very lucky to be led by Frank DeAmicis the ships Food and Beverage Director. The tour was truly impressive! The care and attention that is given to ensuring the food is kept at the right temperatures, and the processes in place to keep waste to a minimum are impressive. They make everything they can from scratch, including their own soup stocks, breads and pastries.

Pride of America Kitchen

Norwegian Pride of America Kitchen Staff

Pride of America Fish

We also got a peak at the recycling center. They recycle not only cans, plastics and glass, but everything down to hangers! Even the waste that comes out of the bathrooms, goes through a filter system that has microbes added to it to neutralize the bad stuff, and once it’s clear it is sent out to sea (if out at least 4 miles).

Pride of America Recycling

Pride of America Recycling 2

Frank was kind enough to take us into areas that few passengers get to see, including the staff mess hall, staff kitchen (there is an entire crew devoted just to cooking for the all of the workers on board the ship), officer mess hall, and crew bar. We witnessed what they call Route 66 here on the Pride of America, the main passageway that runs the entire length of the ship that the crew utilizes to get their jobs done. It was very busy!

Pride of America Crew Cafeteria

The last day also found us cruising along the Na Pali coastline, perhaps the most beautiful in all the world! We were treated to a gorgeous bright rainbow that curved out of the clear blue sky, dipped over the green cliffs and into the sea. We watched it all from the comfort of our balcony. Sigh.

Pride of America cruise Na Pali Coast

Day 8, time to depart.

 The cruise is at an end and it is time to disembark. We were very impressed with the top notch professionalism of the officers on board, and the extreme kindness that was shown to us. We have been won over and will continue to sail on Norwegian and recommend them to anyone looking for a cruise!

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