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By posted on March 14, 2017 7:03PM
München Haus Pretzel

We stopped in at the Munchen Haus at the recommendation of locals. They are known for serving excellent old world style Bavarian sausages. It was our last day in town and it was drizzly and grey. However, we found the mood at the Munchen Haus to be lively and spirited despite the weather. We were lucky to get a seat at one of their open fire tables.
München Haus sign
Munchen Haus fire tables
 München Haus bar
My husband got a Curt’s Currywurst, a quarter pound specialty wurst (sausage) with a touch of curry flavor. He said it was amazing. He paired it with one of the multitude of mustards they have available at a help yourself counter. It was a mango flavored mustard! They have a ton of mustards to choose from. Some examples are the Munchen Haus amber ale mustard, to champagne & honey, to smoky garlic and onion.
 München Haus mustard selection
order here
Though it’s not what they’re known for, I was in a soup mood and ordered the Bavarian cream of potato with ham soup. It was very good! Also, we started with one of their warm Bavarian pretzels accompanied with a dip made from one of the Northwest’s favorite cheeses, Beechers. It was really good!
Munchen House soup
pretzel minus a bite
In addition to beers, they offer fountain drinks, fresh squeezed lemonade and coffee, hot tea and cocoa. You can fine the Munchen Haus at 709 Front Street. For more information please visit their website at

Bon Appetite!

– Hollin

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