Jessica Pickett – The Rooted Gypsy on MilesGeek

Jessica Pickett is the newest writer to join MilesGeek Featured Writer columnists. With her column The Rooted Gypsy on MilesGeek, Jessica takes us along on her travels through words and photos. Jessica’s up close and personal viewpoint provides the armchair traveler with a unique virtual experience. While the travelers among us our inspired to add one more destination to our travel bucket list.

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Jessica Pickett - The Rooted Gypsy
Jessica Pickett – The Rooted Gypsy

About Jessica Picket

The daughter of a free-spirited, surfing waitress and a professional cross-country mover, Jessica discovered most of the country from the dog trot of an eighteen-wheeler before turning 5 years old. Raised along the banks of the Sabine River Jessica was fortunate enough to be able to call both Texas and Louisiana home. She embraces her naturally curious soul, love of nature, and appreciation for culture.

Pike with his dog Sadie on the farm
Pike with his dog Sadie on the farm

After marrying a 4th generation farmer who had never taken a vacation, an entirely new adventure began. Jessica and her husband now split their time between farm chores and traversing the globe. You can read more about their adventures on Jessica’s blog site at

Pike and Jessica Picket in Greece - The Rooted Gypsy
Pike and Jessica in Greece

The Rooted Gypsy on MilesGeek

Start of Freedom Trail at Boston Common The Rooted Gypsy on MilesGeek

Jessica’s first contribution to MilesGeek is a walk along The Freedom Trail in Boston.

Leading up to the 2016 Holiday season, Jessica takes us on a virtual tour of wineries along The Coastal Wine Trail on the east coast of the United States. Her first stop is Maugle Sierra Vineyards in Connecticut. Next she visits Jonathan Edwards Winery. See where her journey takes her next in The Coastal Wine Trail series on MilesGeek.

Plan a trip to see the wineries for yourself. Or, at the very least select one or two of Jessica’s wine recommendations for your holiday table.

Wine Glass and Tasting Menu Maugle Sierra Vineyards by Jessica Pickett

MilesGeek looks forward to seeing where Jessica’s journeys take The Rooted Gypsy over the next few years.

Kathy Stafford
Kathy Stafford

Kathy Stafford is a writer, publisher and editor. She was a contributing author to "Sasha Cohen Fire on Ice". She has been a contributing editor to several publications including, "Discover Balboa Park: A Complete Guide". Kathy was publisher and editor of "Skating Sketches", reporting on figure skating worldwide, for over ten years. She was a credentialed journalist as a figure skating specialist for the 2002 Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City. She has covered international skating events in Switzerland, France, Finland, England, Canada and the United States with published articles in Canada, Japan, and the United States. Although she never accepted an assignment, she was on the list of approved Lonely Planet authors for three years. She is currently combining her love of travel, and her background as a writer and editor, as a publisher and author of travel related journalism. In addition, she blogs about her search for her family roots at

Articles: 206