Hospitality Extraordinaire at Viñas de la Erre

Wines of Valle de Guadalupe Part Two – Viñas de la Erre

Enchanted by the Valle de Guadalupe, Don Claudio Rocha and his lovely wife Nelly purchased the Hacienda San Martín Caballero property 30 years ago as an investment in the future of their family. After befriending Enologist Rogelio Morales, Don Claudio caught the wine bug and launched Viñas de la Erre in 2009.

Vinas de la Erre Marcela Villanueva and Ernesto Rocha

Empowered by a natural affinity to the business, his oldest son Ernesto I. Rocha became the winemaker.

Vinas de la Erre

This hardworking family not only produces boutique award-winning wines, they also manufacture an organic tequila brand called Charro Bravo Tequila.  In the near future, they plan to add their own craft beer. The small winery surrounded by panoramic vistas is conveniently located just off the famous Ruta del Vino. The winery is host to various events throughout the year, including Día de Muertos.

The Wines

Popular Viñas de la Erre wines are BIG REDS such as:
• Cabernet Sauvignon 100%, a complex subtle wine with soft red fruit cherry, strawberry and cranberry notes
• Mezcla de la ERRE – Cabernet Sauvignon 88%, Merlot 6%, Tempranillo 4% & Zinfandel 2%; a captivating clean wine with raspberry, raison, dark chocolate and mild caramel notes
• Mezcla Bordalesa – 68% Cabernet Sauvignon, 22% Merlot, 6% Cabernet Franc, 4% Petite Verdot; an unfiltered wine well structured with perfect acidity, firm tannins and dry fruit, tobacco and burnt sugar notes

Viñas de la Erre  well-balanced wines resonate with customers, soft on the palate and embodying suave tannins enjoyable all year round. Reserves are aged between 28 to 32 months in French oak barrels. The famous house blend Mezcla de la ERRE was awarded a Silver Medal at the San Francisco International Wine Competition 2015.

Vinas de la Erre Sign

Visiting Viñas de la Erre

Vinas de la Erre Charcuterie

The Rocha Family welcomes visitors to Viñas de la Erre with open arms. As Ernesto explains, “When you come and visit our winery or attend one of our events, it‘s like my family inviting you into our backyard for a family gathering. We have a very relaxed, young, family oriented vibe.”

Vinas de la Erre-Rose -Valle de Guadalupe

The terrain and ecosystem of the Valle de Guadalupe is comparable to the Mediterranean and ideal for producing wines.

It’s also special place to live and visit. Ernesto comments, “I have a very special place in my heart for Valle de Guadalupe. My family purchased the Hacienda San Martín Caballero 30 years ago. I am 32 years old. Meaning, I have been coming and going to Valle since I was a child. Valle de Guadalupe was literally my backyard, my playground, so from a young age I have had the opportunity to explore its terroir”.

Having those memories and now living full time and establishing our family winery in Valle de Guadalupe is surreal. Valle de Guadalupe has been very generous to my family and myself. Throughout this wine expedition, we have been fortunate to meet great and hardworking people that share the same passion for Mexican wine.”

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