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By posted on October 27, 2017 10:20AM
Lyft partners Delta and JetBlue

With the Uber and SPG partnership closing at the end of 2017. If you still want to earn miles and points while hailing a car from your phone Lyft has you covered.

You have two options currently to choose from that will get you miles. Both JetBlue and Delta currently have a partnership as of 2017 with Lyft. There is a key difference between the two that will probably influence your decision.

JetBlue only offers a mileage credit for Lyft trips to or from airports where Lyft operates. While Delta offers you mileage credit for every Lyft trip that you book regardless of its origin or destination. I’ve broken out the difference in how many points you earn below.

JetBlue Logo 2017

You will earn 30 TrueBlue points for every Lyft, Lyft Plus or Lyft Premier ride you take with a maximum of 1,200 points annually. There is a sign-up bonus if you are creating your Lyft account for the first time of 750 TrueBlue points at which will be credited after your first completed Lyft trip anywhere.

Delta Logo 2017

You will earn 1 SkyMile for every $1.00 spent on Lyft rides. If you happen to be reading this prior to November 1st, 2017 there is a promotion making this 3 miles per $1.00 on airport rides. If you are new to Lyft you will receive two $10 coupons to use on your first two rides. To sign up via Delta you can sign up at

All of the links above, also provide additional details on linking your accounts. So I won’t provide those here as they are likely to change over time.

Which partnership makes the most sense for you is obviously influenced by how often you are taking trips to the airport, and which frequent flyer program you want to pad with extra miles. Both SkyMiles and TrueBlue points currently never expire so you have some time to earn enough points for an upgrade or ticket. Over the past year, we have earned a lot of extra SPG points with Uber so we are sad to see that ending. Living in Europe we only have the opportunity to earn with Lyft during trips to the US currently. Some have reported successfully earning points with both concurrently, YMMV but I can confirm you can still successfully enroll in both concurrently.

Points cannot be retroactively applied for either promotion.

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