Universal Travel Adapter with USB ports to boot.

One of the essentials in your travel bag if you are leaving the country is a plug adapter for everything you need to plug in. Having gone through a lot of these devices none of them seem to be made to last forever. However with the price points dropping below $15-$20 for a good adapter it is also less of a concern.

The latest add-on for these devices is one or more USB ports since most of us are also bringing a cell phone, or iPad or similar. This frees the main electrical outlet for something such as your laptop or camera while still letting you charge your essentials.

The device I’ve picked here has a couple of benefits, first the USB ports are 1000mA 5V, which means newer devices such as your iPad will charge at their maximum speed. Getting your phone to a 60% vs 20% charge in the same amount of time can often be a large stress relief if on the go. Secondly it’s all-in-one, and in this case that means you do not have to add and remove plastic adapters to fit different outlets, it is completely self contained. Once you leave a hotel room leaving a piece in a wall socket, you will appreciate not having to track pieces. =)

Most of these adapters I have tried all share one annoyance. Given their one size fits all style they are often a little loose fitting to the plugs in some countries. This is not a large concern, but is something to be aware of. Make sure it’s actually situated well enough and verify your devices are charging before you walk away.

You can find this device on Amazon, and if you have Prime it’s free shipping. I’ve attached the link here for your convenience. We do earn a referral if you use the links on this site for your purchases, and you do not pay any more than going their directly.

Ceptics UP-9KU International All-in-One Travel Plug Adapter with Dual USB Chargers for iPad/iPhone/Cell Phones

Jed Stafford
Jed Stafford

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