Eating Europe Tours in Three New Cities for 2019

By posted on August 7, 2019 10:02AM
Strasbourg - Maison Alsacienne de Biscuiterie on Eating Europe Tours

Lisbon – Launched May 2019

During the “Eats, Street Art and Undiscovered Lisbon – A Walk Through Baixa & Mouraria”, you’ll enjoy six culinary tastings from typical street food to comfort treats like the peixinhos da horta (deep fried green beans), Portuguese classics accompanied by wines from different regions in Portugal, and a beer from one of the country’s former African colonies. The gastronomic journey begins in Lisbon’s historic heart, the Baixa district, before it continues to Mouraria, one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city and survivor of the 1755 earthquake. True to its signature theme, to take travelers off-the-beaten-track, the new Eating Europeexperience introduces guests to a restaurant resembling a hidden Moorish palace, a fado house, and the pastry shop voted to have the best pastel de nata (custard tart) in town.

Tours run daily, 1 – 5pm, €69 adult, €56 adolescent, €42 child

Lisbon - Guests Walking Through Mouraria on Eating Europe Tours
Lisbon – Guests Walking Through Mouraria

Naples – Two Eating Europe Tours Launched June 2019

A Taste of Old Napoli: The aim is to see the most beautiful area of Naples, with all the highlights of the city but also very authentic neighborhoods (Spanish quarters and Pignasecca market) where the guests would never go by themselves. We’ll eat iconic foods such as Pizza, Buffalo mozzarella and pastries like sfogliatella. On this tour, we show our guests the contrasts between old and new, and between rich and poor. Learn all of the history of Naples, of its traditions, legends and ghost stories – Naples is the most superstitious city of Italy. And eat the food that was prepared by the poor people for the kings and noble families and is still eaten today.

Tours run daily, 10am – 13.30pm, €69 adult, €56 adolescent, €42 child

Naples - Pignasecca Market on Eating Europe Tours
Naples – Pignasecca Market

A Night Out in Naples: This is a tour for a younger audience, in the Sanità neighborhood, which used to be a ghetto for plague victims and now is simply beautiful and authentic. Vibrant and colorful. Street art and really beautiful and strange-looking buildings.

Amazing local wines going on, street food and classic Napoli pizza. A highlight is a visit to a beautiful rooftop terrace of a private house with fun interactive games with the host (singing, dancing, drinking and eating). We’ll also meet two sommeliers on this tour.

Tours run Monday to Saturday, 5pm to 8.30pm, €79 adult, €69 adolescent, no children

Naples - Passione Sofi - Rittatina, Deep Fried Pasta on Eating Europe Tours
Naples – Passione Sofi – Rittatina, Deep Fried Pasta

Strasbourg – Launched July 2019

A Taste of Strasbourg: This daytime tour goes through the Neustadt, the historical city center of Strasbourg, beginning at Place de la Republique and finishing at Petite France. Guests will walk the cobble-stoned streets and try traditional Alsatian food and hear of the fascinating stories of this historic city. We’ll visit a diverse range of local eateries and try their best offerings from a cheese-making farmer to a 14th-century wine cellar turned restaurant.

Tours run Tuesday to Saturday, 10.30am – 2pm, €79 adult, €64 adolescent, €52 child

Strasbourg - Cathedral District Eating Europe Tours
Strasbourg – Cathedral District

Eating Europe Tours offer travelers an opportunity to taste authentic cuisine with local guides providing context and history. Other Eating Europe tours covered on MilesGeek.

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