Coral a Sushi Concept – Great Find on Lisbon Coast

Tucked into the Hotel Miragem in Cascais, on the Lisbon Coast, you will find Coral a Sushi Concept. We went for lunch and were absolutely delighted by both the food and the service. The ambience is quite modern, and there is a seating area outside with a view of the Atlantic.

Inside Coral a Sushi Concept
View -outside seating Coral a Sushi Concept
White Sangria

We started with white sangria. It was loaded with fresh citrus, kiwi and strawberry and served with little fruit kababs that appeared to be lying in a blue liquor…possibly blue Curaco. Whatever it was, it was fabulous!

Next came an appetizer called Kimuchi Coral. On the menu it states it is fresh mixed fish marinated in kimchi and sriracha sauce. I’ll have to ask where they get it, as we moved here a month ago and I have not been able to find sriracha! I’m guessing they make it from scratch.

Kimuchi Coral Appetizer

The fresh fish used in the dish on the day we went was tuna and salmon. It was very good! We also tried the Ebi Tempura Udon. It was a delightfully fresh and light take on the dish, with fresh crisp green beans, carrots and baby broccoli. The shrimp were huge, and as we’ve found to be the case in this area, very good!

Ebi Tempura Udon
Ebi Avocado Roll

For the main course we ordered the Ebi Avocado Roll, which was stuffed with crispy shrimp, and covered with laminate (extremely thin slices) of avocado and roe. We also had the Hot Ebi Roll, a salmon and shrimp roll with chives and cream cheese in a crispy batter with teriyaki sauce.

Hot Ebi Roll
Fresh Tuna

For sashimi we ordered the tuna and the sushi we ordered was toro (a fatty tuna that melts on your tongue like butter). Each dish was beautifully presented. The cucumbers were sliced so thin it seemed nearly an impossible feat! We have eaten in many sushi restaurants throughout the world. Coral managed to impress us with both the design and flavor of the food. As a special treat, the chef sent out a very interesting roll that consisted of thinly sliced carrot, wrapped around shrimp, salmon, green beans and roe. We’d never had anything quite like it and it was amazing!

Toro w_shell with wasabi inside!
Carrot, Shrimp and Salmon Roll
Dark Ginger Dessert

Finally, for desert, we ordered the Dark Ginger. The menu at Coral a Sushi Concept is a bit confusing to read, as it is translated into English underneath the Portuguese sections. It describes this dessert as a ‘tart black extra chocolate syrup caramelized ginger and passion fruit’. Basically, it is an extra dark chocolate tart with a hint of caramelized ginger and covered in a lovely passion fruit sauce…and it’s fabulous!

Friendly Service

If you find yourself coming to the Lisbon Coast, do yourself a favor and sneak in a lunch or dinner at Coral a Sushi Concept!

Sushi Bar

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Hollin Stafford
Hollin Stafford

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