Bridal Suite of Saltwater Farm Vineyard on The Coastal Trail

The Coastal Wine Trail Series Part 5 – Saltwater Farm Vineyard

Entrance of Saltwater Farm Vineyards The Coastal Wine Trail

You will find our next stop on The Coastal Wine Trail, Saltwater Farm Vineyard, in Stonington, Connecticut.

The History

It’s easy to image the planes coming in for a landing on what was once this small airport’s runway. Now an 1800 feet green stretch of grass between the vines, it sees more brides than bi-planes. The small community airport was opened in the 1930s amid the coastal marshes that surround the 230 acre farmland. Once America entered into World War II, the airport was forced to shut down. After the war it was used as a flight training school, then a warehouse, then eventually fell into disrepair. In 2001 the lands were revived as a vineyard and the vintage hangar was immaculately restored as a winery.

Tasting the Wines of Saltwater Farm Vineyard

Loft and tasting room of Saltwater Farm Vineyard

Guests can delight in the high vaulted ceiling while sampling their bright, citrusy 2015 Estate Chardonnay. The complexity of their 2014 Estate “Golden Arc” Chardonnay rivals that of the colossal wooden beams crisscrossing the roof high above the airy space below.

Tanks in Tasting Room of Saltwater Farm Vineyards

At the back of the expansive tasting room stand 4 massive stainless steel tanks where winemakers can be seen checking gauges and sampling wine. The enticing aroma of their Estate Cabernet Franc smells even more rich and spicy while you watch how it is made.

From the Loft and Deck of Saltwater Farm Vineyards

For a better view of the grapes climb the steps to the loft and outside deck offering splendid views of the grounds and surrounding coastal marshes.

Weddings at Saltwater Farm

Bridal Suite of Saltwater Farm Vineyard

Saltwater Farm Vineyard’s romance has made it a highly sought after venue. As a result, the Vineyard has been featured in People Magazine, TODAY, and Boston Globe. Brides Magazine rated it among “Top 50 Most Romantic Wedding Venues in the U.S.” This year alone, over 75 brides stood before the Cabernet Franc, Chardonnay, and Merlot vines to say “I Do”. Before exchanging vows, brides are given the use of a private suite.

From the Loft of Saltwater Farms Vineyard

With sweeping views of the vineyard and wetlands, the suite offers a private and restful sanctuary for her and her maids.

Saltwater Farm Vineyards does an excellent job of marrying the aviation history, centuries old farm land, and unique coastal vistas. Interested in visiting Saltwater Farms or having a private event? Visit the website to schedule an event or check their visiting hours at

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Jessica Pickett

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  1. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you so much for featuring Saltwater Farm on your site – you did such a lovely job.

    I was hoping that you might be able to correct our hours. You mentioned we are “closed to the public” if we have a private event – we are actually open 11am – 3pm on weekends, regardless of any private event we may have later in the day, however we do ask that guests make reservations on Saturdays and we do close down for the winter (actually tomorrow is our last day) and reopen in April.

    Maybe just suggesting that guests visit the website for seasonal hours is easier as it is a lot to keep track of.

    Again, thank you for featuring us. Happy Holidays and we hope you can make it back in the spring for another tasting, or better yet, for one of our spring music events. Cheers!


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