Author: Marcy Gouge


Marcy is the daughter of a world traveler.  Her father used to take her on his lap and tell about how he had been a Merchant Marine as a young man, traveling across the oceans and “jumping ship” for a few days when the ship docked in an exotic port.  He would leave ship with only a suitcase full of women’s fine nylons and bars of chocolate—and with those two items he could get anything that he wanted in port. Filled with her father’s exotic tales of faraway lands, Marcy dreamed of a vagabond life as well, however times had changed. Realizing that she needed to be practical in a career choice, she first became a Kindergarten teacher and later in life went to law school to become an advocate for children. Marcy retired unexpectedly at age 63 when the large non-profit she worked for decided to downsize.  Suddenly she had nothing to tie her down—she was free to roam the world to see some exotic sights for herself, fulfilling her long-overdue dreams.  She spent the first year traveling to Russia, Finland, Estonia, Norway, Iceland, Spain and Italy.  Future travel plans include France, England and Scotland—along with anywhere else that looks interesting!  Her articles will focus on traveling as a single older woman, with a focus on destinations, events, and experiences that women in particular will enjoy.

National Gallary of Art Rotunda

You Saw it as a Child, but it’s Time to See it Again! The National Gallery of Art

5th in a series of Museums Women Love to Visit If you grew up anywhere near Washington, DC in the

Christmas stalls and lights German Christmas Market

Insider Tips: German Christmas Markets

  The lights, the smells and the sounds of Christmas bells! Known for pulling out all of the stops during

Entry Way O Mansion

O Mansion – Oh! What Sights You Will See!

Museums that Women Love – Fifth in a Six Part Series I can honestly say that I have never seen

Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria

In Search of Castles and Cuckoo Clocks in Bavaria

For many Americans who share ancestral heritage with Germany, there is a fascination with Bavaria. Smiling men in lederhosen and

Eat Fresh Alabama

48 Hours in Florence Alabama – Two Perfect Days

The breeze is light, the sun is low, and the living is good. Florence Alabama with its Muscle Shoals Sound

Woman on Juliet's Balcony Verona

Juliet, Are You Really There? Finding Juliet in Verona

My Inspiration – Letters to Juliet A few years ago a movie named Letters to Juliet told the delightful story

Canal Ride in Venice even for Solo Travelers

How to Love Venice When Traveling Solo

Couples kissing in gondolas, sighing over the golden engagement rings on the Rialto Bridge, or exploring the beautiful piazzas of

Cheese and Olives at Mercato Centrale Firenze

A New Approach to Eating – The Mercato Centrale in Florence, Italy

Italian travel has always meant learning about and indulging in special pastas and pastries that have been prepared for ages

House with Blooms Winterthur Museum

Fairy Mist, Blossoms and Brass – Winterthur Museum

Museums that Women Love – Third in a Six Part Series Many great homes in America show how the rich

Class Space at Aquaflor Firenze

Through the Smoke: Creating a Scent of Your Own at Aquaflor Firenze

Creating a scent of your own at Aquaflor Firenze in Florence, Italy transforms you from a harried tourist to a