Author: Joan Young


After recovering from an autoimmune blood disease, Joan has devoted the last 20 years to medical and healing education. She founded a non-profit disease support group, The Platelet Disorder Support Association, wrote a book about her illness and recovery, was a member of the American Society of Hematology, is an associate editor of the International Journal of User Driven Healthcare, writes web and social media content, and communicates with physicians and patients worldwide. Now semi-retired, she has more time to explore the world, write about her adventures, and share the wellness knowledge she has spent much of her life gathering.

Ginger and Sea Bands to avoid motion sickness

Take the Sickness out of Motion Sickness

Sea sickness, car sickness, air sickness…all the same cause, all the same feelings…yuck. And if you are like me and

Jet wing - a long flight can lead to jet lag

Summertime Means Travel – Reduce Jet Lag with These Simple Tricks

Most people who travel are way too familiar with jet lag, the general fatigue and disorientation when landing from a

Bejing on a Clear Day

Air Pollution Can Impact Travel Plans – Plan Ahead and Take Precautions

Air Pollution is Everywhere It’s hard to avoid it. Traffic, coal-burning plants, forest fires, dust storms, factories and more contribute

pontoon planes Health Hazard of Airplane Travel

Healthy Flying – Avoiding the Health Hazards of Airplane Travel

Airplanes have never provided the healthiest environment, but with seat room shrinking and empty seats disappearing, and the added stress

Hawaii - Watch for Altitude Sickness Symptoms

Preventing Altitude Sickness Symptoms

Natural High: Keeping a Healthy Altitude Going skiing, driving over a mountain pass, hiking the Rockies, exploring Machu Picchu, summer

Zika Feature photo

Avoid Zika and Other Mosquito-Borne Diseases

Fun in the sun. Leisurely strolls among lush plants. A worry-free life. That’s what trips to the tropics were like.

Eating Green.Feature

The Power of Green

When faced with feeling a bit ‘off’ in a strange country, perhaps having the sniffles, or wanting to take a