Author: Elaine J. Masters


Travel and writing are Elaine J. Masters’ air and water. She covers how to travel well, scuba diving, road trips, culinary, and urban adventures. After living in most of the major cities along the West Coast from Southeast Alaska to San Diego, California, her current home base, she indulges in local cuisines, hikes and explores Baja, Mexico often. In between writing for other outlets, she blogs about traveling well at, is the co-host of Travel Massive San Diego, contributes to the NPR podcast, Journeys of Discovery, and penned the Indie Excellence Award winning book, Drivetime Yoga. Elaine agrees with Helen Keller, "Life's an adventure or nothing."

Downtown San Isabela Galapagos Islands

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Redwood National Park – Misty Hikes and Unforgettable Giants

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